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Passion & quality built
on love & legacy...

I’ve always been a creator. Being my mother’s son (i.e.: a mama’s boy), it would have been hard not to become someone who likes to roll up his sleeves and innovate. My mom was a natural homemaker — and I don’t mean “Betty Crocker”. No, Babs, as she was called by those she loved, was whiskey in a teacup. She had taste, she had perspective, and she’d give it to you straight.


My mom was an educator, a leader, and a community-builder. An expert in hospitality and grace, she made a place at her table for everyone. Babs turned our house into a welcoming place for people to gather and connect. She devoted her energies to small, simple touches — framed photos of loved ones, “fancy” guest soaps (you know the ones), homemade food and cozy blankets — that elevated our home into an elegant oasis for family and guests alike.


It is because of my mom — the inimitable Babs Wingate — that I know how to love fiercely, live openly, and create a home. She showed me that something as small as a greeting card can make a friend’s day, and something as simple as a glass of iced tea can turn your entire day around. 


When my mom passed away in March of 2020 (amidst a pandemic and global shutdown) after a second long and hard fought battle with cancer, I leaned on the only thing that made sense; I returned to my “maker” roots. I rekindled my lifelong passion for creating, crafting, and growing something new again. I discovered a way to honor my mom: I’d share with others the countless gifts that she gave to me, labeled with her maiden name and shipped from my home to yours. Wingate Apothecary is the culmination of my background in business and my passion for creating.


What started as a love-filled project for my close friends has now blossomed into an official brand, as I expanded my perspective and perfected my process. I can’t wait to share my wealth of self-care goodies and custom, cozy aromas with you along with those simple touches to make your house a home. 


Shop our premium line of home and self-care products and join me in celebrating my mom. Honor Ms. Wingate — and yourself — every time you light a delicious candle, reach for an artisan soap, send a loved one a hand written note, or simply tell the truth over cocktails. Let us celebrate Wingate by celebrating ourselves. 





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